AusTraits Plant Dictionary

Acronym: APD
Publisher AusTraits
Created: 07 Jun 2023 𝕏
The AusTraits Plant Dictionary (APD) includes the trait definitions used by AusTraits, a database of Australian plant traits. APD includes definitions for more than 500 traits pertaining to plant functional ecology and plant morphology. Each trait definition has been reviewed by multiple people and includes references and links to identical/similar traits in other trait databases whenever possible. The APD includes machine-readable formats and endpoints, allowing the traits to be readily re-used by other databases.

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The AusTraits Plant Dictionary (APD) is comprised of two separate schemes, and

APD/traits includes the trait definitions, together with trait groupings, and categorical trait values. The trait definitions identifiers all follow the pattern `trait_#######`, the trait grouping identifers follow the pattern `trait_group_######`, and the categorical trait values are character strings that merge together the relevent trait label and categorical trait value.

APD/glossary offers definitions for terms used in trait definitions or as keywords that could not be located in published vocabularies. Identifiers for glossary terms follow the pattern `glossary_#####`.

APD supports AusTraits, a database of Australian plant traits. AusTraits is an open-source, harmonized database of Australian plant trait data. It synthesises data on nearly 500 traits across more than 30,000 taxa from field campaigns, published literature, taxonomic monographs, and individual taxon descriptions. Begun in 2016 as an initiative between three lab groups, it has grown to be the largest collation of plant trait data for Australian plants.

AusTraits integrates plant trait data collected by researchers from diverse disciplines, including functional plant biology, plant physiology, plant taxonomy, and conservation biology. By harmonizing and error checking values, linking all AusTraits data entries to detailed metadata, and documenting trait and trait values definitions, AusTraits is a resource researchers can trust and use for their research agendas with minimal additional filtering or manipulations. It can be accessed at

An AusTraits data paper was published in Scientific Data in 2021 and is available at: 10.1038/s41597-021-01006-6.



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