Ediacar / Ediacara / Ediacaran / Ediacariano / Ediacarien / Ediacariense / Ediacarium / Ediakar / Ediakaras / ediacara / ediacaranum / ediacariano / ediacarij / ediakarium / Едиакар / エディアカラ紀 / 埃迪卡拉纪


label Ediacaran Period
notation a2.1.1.1
Neoproterozoic Era
broader transitive
Precambrian Supereon original
narrower transitive
Proterozoic Eon original
narrower transitive
older bound -635 Ma
younger bound -541.0 +|-1.0 Ma
dcterms description Enorama Creek, Flinders Ranges, South Australia | 31.3314 S 138.6334 E | Base of the Marinoan cap Carbonate | (1) rapid decay of Marinoan ice sheets and onset of distinct cap carbonates throughout the world, and (2) the beginning of a distinctive pattern of secular changes in carbon isotopes. | Ratified 1990 | Lethaia 39, p.13 30, 2006 | http://stratigraphy.science.purdue.edu/references/EdiacaranGSSP_Lethaia060.pdf
interval meets
Cambrian Period original
interval met by Ediacaran original
Fortunian Age original
interval met by Ediacaran original
Paleozoic Era original
interval met by Ediacaran original
Phanerozoic Eon original
interval met by Ediacaran original
Terreneuvian Epoch original
interval met by Ediacaran original
GeochronologicEra original
Period original
Resource original
Concept original
ProperInterval original
has beginning Base of Ediacaran original
has end Base of Phanerozoic original
in scheme Geologic Time Scale (2020) original
interval finishes Neoproterozoic original
interval in Neoproterozoic original
interval met by
Cryogenian Period original
interval meets Ediacaran original
primary topic of Ediacaran original
rank Period original
same as Ediacaran original