Stratotype Point Base of Olenekian

label Stratotype Point Base of Olenekian
ratified GSSP false
boundary level Base of Bed 13A-2, about 4.8m up in Mikin Formation., Section M04 (~4000 m elevation)
comment Candidate Stratotype Point Mud (Muth) village, Spiti valley, northwest India
correlation event Conodont FAD Neospathodus waageni, just above Base of Rohillites rohilla ammonite zone, and below lowest occurrence of Flemingites and Euflemingites ammonite genera. Within a prominent positive Carbon-13 peak, and just above widely recognizable sequence boundary.
source Albertiana 36, 2007
status Anticipated 2009
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has geometry Location of Stratotype Point Base of Olenekian original
represents boundary
Base of Olenekian original
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