Mercator Ocean

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definition Input for the Mercator system comes from ocean observations measured by satellites or in situ observations through measurements taken at sea. These measurements are "ingested" (assimilated) by the analysis and forecasting model. The assimilation of observation data in a model is used to describe and forecast the state of the ocean for up to 14 days ahead of time. The project mission was thus defined in 1995 to meet a threefold objective: * Develop an operational oceanography system * Enable the development of applications by distributing its products * Contribute to success of the international Godae experiment along with the Jason (altimetry observation) and Coriolis (in situ observations) programmes. For more information, click on the threefold objective. To achieve this goal, Mercator Ocean is based on an original structure. Mercator Ocean has now become an indispensable player in French operational oceanography. It has a strong institutional structure and a solid scientific basis and is firmly involved in the international context due to its many cooperative ventures; the Mercator ocean team is determinedly blazing trails towards tomorrow's oceanography.
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