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definition Since its formation in 1977, the company had been fully engaged with support divided between the private and public sector. In the public sector the company continues to perform basic and applied research in marine meteorology and ocean response numerical modeling, supported by both US and foreign government agencies. Our staff continues to gain international reputations through active participation in international scientific conferences and research programs, and in open publication.

Oceanweather functions as a specialized consulting firm serving the coastal and ocean engineering communities with its unique capacity to integrate several areas of expertise into specification of definitive design data on the physical environment. Oceanweather's approach is to consistently develop and apply its high-level technology to satisfy practical requirements in the areas of marine meteorology, ocean wave and current specification, ocean engineering, and statistics of environmental data. In the past quarter century Oceanweather has performed dedicated hindcast studies and Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) in virtually every ocean basin in the world. Since 1983, Oceanweather has operated a real time forecasting division following a unique approach which optimally combines the traditional approach to weather forecasting, which retains the contributions of individual forecasters, and Oceanweather's high-level technology developed and applied so successfully in its hindcasting and consulting divisions. The system includes a global wind and wave forecast system and various high resolution regional applications.
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