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definition Distribution: This family is composed of c. 55 genera and c. 1110. This family is cosmopolitan, but most diverse in the northern temperate regions. In Australia the family is represented by 11 genera (6 introduced, only Duma endemic) and 63 species (27 introduced).

Description: The species within are annual or perennial herbs, shrubs, trees (not in Australia) or vines. The stems often with swollen nodes, often sulcate, geniculate or striate; often accumulating anthraquinone glycosides and often oxalic acid present, also often with tannins; hairs various.

For more details regarding the description of species within this family please see: https://profiles.ala.org.au/opus/foa/profile/Polygonaceae

Pollen Morphology: See the specific descriptions in the different genus taxa within this family.
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Polygonaceae_2 original
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