Genus Typha

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definition Distribution: This genus consists of c.15 cosmopolitan species. In Australia there are 3 species (2 species native, 1 species naturalized) that are found in all States.

Description: The species in this genus are rrect emergent rhizomatous aquatic perennials; rhizomes extensive, branched, the branches ending in stiff, erect, leaf-bearing stems terminated by spike-like inflorescences; stems terete, rigid, pithy.

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Pollen Morphology: The pollen produced by this genus form a tetrad or four roughly spherical grains. However, some also occur free-standing. These tetrads are 30-45um in size and 10-15um in size for the single grains. Each component grain of the tetrad has a single pore, facing outwards. These pores are large (5um) and round but are not surrounded with a thickened ring. These grains have a prominent mesh texture.
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