Genus Alnus

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definition Distribution: A genus of 30 species in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere and the Andes in South America; the Flora of Australia publication listed one species naturalised in Australia, the Australian Plant Census lists two species.

Description: This genus is a group of trees or shrubs.

For more details regarding the description of species within this genus please see:

Pollen Morphology: The pollen grains from this family are pentagonal or quadrangular in polar view or elliptical when viewed from the side. The size of these are between 20-23um on the polar axis and 24-26um on the equatorial axis. These grains have 4-5 pores that protrude around the grain and are surrounded by annular thickenings that have a distinct semi-circular aspis underneath. The surface texture of these grains are faintly grainy (scabrate) and they have a finely granulate plasma.
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