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definition Distribution: A cosmopolitan (except Antarctica and permanent ice sheet in Greenland) family occupying diverse habitats, with a preference for open and aquatic habitats. The greatest diversity of genera occurs in the tropical regions of the world. The Cyperaceae have long been recognised as a taxonomically difficult group on account of their reduced, but complex floral and vegetative morphology. Consequently, there has been no consensus regarding the number of genera and the relationships between the genera.

Description: This family consists of annual or perennial herbs, rarely shrubs, or lianas, often with a grass-like or rush-like habit.

For more details regarding the description of species within this family please see:

Pollen Morphology: Pollen produced by this family have a long ‘pear’ shape (prolate) with distinctly flattened ends and have a narrower distal end. The size of these grains are variable but are typically 20-30um wide and 30-50um long. The surface texture of these grains are smooth but have a granular plasma.
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