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definition Distribution: A cosmopolitan family of about 101 genera and about 2200 species. Particularly characteristic of temperate and cold regions, with few species occurring in the tropics. In Australia, many species are introduced, minor weeds of disturbed places. Some species are native, found from the deserts to the alps; except for Drymaria and Polycarpaea the family is virtually absent from northern Australia.

Description: This family consists of mostly annual or perennial herbs as well as herbaceous scrambling vines or small shrubs.

For more details regarding the description of species within this family please see:

Pollen Morpholgy: Pollen produced by this family are spherical in shape and their shape is variable depending on the taxon, but are generally medium to large (30-40um diameter). These pollen grains have more than 6 pores (panto-porate) which are large (4-5um) and scattered all over the grain. The surface texture of the pollen is generally reticulate.
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