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definition Distribution: This family consists of 375 genera and 3200 species that are chiefly north temperate, some cosmopolitan. Many cosmopolitan species are efficient weeds. In Australia there are 52 genera and 160 species; introduced species include cosmopolitan weeds and cultivars of agriculture and horticulture.

Description: This family consists of ephemeral, annual, biennial or perennial herbs, subshrubs or rarely shrubs.

For more details regarding the description of species within this family please see:

Pollen Morphology: Pollen produced by this family have a rounded triangular shape in polar view and a circular to elliptical shape in equatorial view. These grains are between 20-30um in size and have three colpi which in most taxa are wide and deep, extending nearly to the centre of the grain. These colpi lack strong ornamentation, may have small granules, are rounded at the ends and do not protrude. The surface texture of these grains is strongly reticulate (mesh) and the width of this texture is even all over the grain.
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