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notation Rham
http://www.neii.gov.au/def/voc/AusPollen/auspollen-aerobiology-collaboration-network-species-classification/Pollen-Families original
Rhamnaceae original
definition Distribution: An almost cosmopolitan family of 50–60 genera and c. 900 species, that are most diverse in the tropics and warm dry regions, particularly in Central America and Asia. In Australia there are 25 genera and c. 260 species. Australian Rhamnaceae can be divided into two principal groups, one of 9 mainly northern genera each with relatively few species often with relatives beyond Australia in Malesia and Asia, the other of 10 endemic or near-endemic, species-rich, principally southern-temperate genera. Four species in four genera are naturalized, while a few others are cultivated as ornamental or fruit trees.

Description: The species within this family are shrubs, trees or lianes (rarely herbs outside Australia) that are perennial.

For more details regarding the description of species within this family please see: https://profiles.ala.org.au/opus/foa/profile/Rhamnaceae

Pollen Morphology: See the specific descriptions in the different genus taxa within this family.
http://www.neii.gov.au/def/voc/AusPollen/auspollen-aerobiology-collaboration-network-species-classification/Genus-Pomaderris original
Rhamnaceae original
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