Bioregional Assessment Programme Glossary

Publisher Bioregional Assessment Programme
Created: 01 Jan 2016
Terms and definitions used in technical products in the Bioregional Assessment Programme, a collaboration between the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy, the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and Geoscience Australia. See for more information about the Programme.



Rights : © Commonwealth of Australia 2016. With the exception of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms and where otherwise noted, all content in this glossary is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence . The Bioregional Assessment Programme requests attribution as ‘© Commonwealth of Australia (Bioregional Assessment Programme’.

This vocabulary was added to the Research Vocabularies Australia website through the National Environmental Information Infrastructure (NEII) Programme.  The NEII Programme was decommissioned in June 2022 and this vocabulary has been deprecated.  Points of contact are not current, and any links on this page will not resolve.
See for current information about the Programme.



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