This is a land use nomenclature and classification scheme for Australia, ordering land use in a systematic, logical and consistent way. It has a three-tiered hierarchical structure. Primary, secondary and tertiary classes are broadly structured by the potential degree of modification and the impact on a putative 'natural state' (essentially, a native land cover).

The primary classes of land use in the Australian Land Use and Management (ALUM) Classification are:
1. Conservation and natural environments—land used primarily for conservation purposes, based on maintaining the essentially natural ecosystems present.
2. Production from relatively natural environments—land used mainly for primary production with limited change to the native vegetation.
3. Production from dryland agriculture and plantations—land used mainly for primary production based on dryland farming systems.
4. Production from irrigated agriculture and plantations—land used mostly for primary production based on irrigated farming.
5. Intensive uses—land subject to extensive modification, generally in association with closer residential settlement, commercial or industrial uses.
6. Water—water features (water is regarded as an essential aspect of the classification, but it is primarily a cover type).

The ALUM Classification has been developed in collaboration with national, state and territory agencies as part of the Australian Collaborative Land Use and Management Program (ACLUMP). The Classification has been applied to the creation of nationally consistent land use datasets.



As well as the primary, secondary and tertiary classes, commodity and land management practice information can also be collected through the use of additional fields.

ABARES 2016, The Australian Land Use and Management Classification Version 8, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences, Canberra.



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