GA Profile of the IGSN Codelist

Publisher Geoscience Australia
Created: 17 Nov 2017
This is a profile of the IGSN Codelist created by Geoscience Australia. It is a Semantic Web version of the IGSN XML enumeration codelists that has been made to enable the use of the codelist terms with Semantic Web data models, such as the IGSN ontology employed by Geoscience Australia (GA) to describe physical samples in the GA Samples Register. This codelist and the IGSN ontology act as a bridge between the XML-based IGSN descriptive metadata and general Semantic Web ontologies for samples metadata, such as SOSA.
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Licence: GPL

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<input type="text" id="igsn-codelist" name="igsn-codelist" value="" size="80" autocomplete="off">
        mode: 'search',
        cache: false,
        repository: '',
        target_field: 'label',
        endpoint: ''
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