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Podocarpaceae original
definition Distribution: A family of c. 18 genera and 180 species that is distributed largely in the Southern Hemisphere, extending through much of Africa, from Japan through Malesia to Australia and New Zealand, and through Central and South America. In There are 7 genera and 16 species native in Australia, mainly in eastern States, with concentrations in Tas and northern Qld, and one species in south-western Australia. An additional species in an eighth genus is weakly naturalised.

Description: The species within family are dioecious or rarely monoecious trees or shrubs with spirally inserted (opposite in Microcachrys ) oblong to scale-like leaves (functionally replaced by flattened branches in Phyllocladus ).

For more details regarding the description of species within this family please see: https://profiles.ala.org.au/opus/foa/profile/Podocarpaceae

Pollen Morphology: The pollen produced by this family are oval-oblong with two frilly ‘wings’ along both of the long edges of the grain. The size of these grains are 25-50um in length with no apertures. The surface texture of these grains is regulate.
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