Field texture

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<p> Figure 15 Size Fractions in several major classification systems. </p>
comment C_H_TEXTURE; Adapted from Northcote (1979). The clay percentages must not be used to determine a field texture, that is, do not use them to convert a laboratory particle size value to a field texture grade. Similarly, do not adjust a field texture grade when laboratory particle size data become available.
definition Soil texture is determined by the size distribution of mineral particles finer than 2 mm, that is, only material that will pass a 2 mm sieve should be used in determination of field texture. Organic soils are also included.
In Australia, field texture classes or field texture grades (Northcote 1979) are based on field determination of texture and not on laboratory determinations of particle size, as is done in USA for example (Soil Survey Staff 1975). There is only an approximate relationship between field texture and particle size distribution (see Marshall 1947), as factors other than clay, silt and sand content influence field texture.
Figure 15 gives a comparison between International particle size fractions, used in Australia, and those of other major classifications.
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