Stratotype Point Base of Famennian

label Stratotype Point Base of Famennian
ratified GSSP true
boundary level Base of Bed 32a
comment Coumiac Quarry, near Cessenon, Montagne Noire, France
correlation event Base of Conodont Palmatolepis triangularis Zone, just above a major extinction horizon (Kellwasser Event). Conodont FAD Palmatolepis subperlobata, conodont LADs Ancyrodella, Palmatolepis bogartensis and Ozarkodina, and Goniatite LADs of Gephuroceratidae and Beloceratidae
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source Episodes 16/4, p. 433 441, 1993
status Ratified 1993
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has geometry Location of Stratotype Point Base of Famennian original
represents boundary
Base of Famennian original
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