Starburst galaxies

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Starburst galaxy
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definition A galaxy showing a short-lived intense period of star formation that is unsustainable over the Hubble time due to the limited supply of gas within a galaxy. Starburst galaxies were first classified by Searle & Sargent (1972) and Searle et al. (1973), based on the blue colors produced by the massive stars formed during the burst. In the local Universe, starbursts create approximately 10% of the radiant energy and 20% of the massive stars. At z = 1, starburst characteristics are found in 15% of galaxies, presumably attributable to the greater amounts of gas typically present in young galaxies and increased galactic interactions. The starburst's impact on a galaxy and the surrounding intergalactic medium is primarily due to the consumption of gas that fuels the burst and the feedback from massive stars formed in the burst.
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