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definition Distribution: This family is a widespread, almost cosmopolitan family that are most common in temperate areas, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere. There is c. 90 genera and 2500–3500 species, and in Australia there is 23 genera and 134 species (26 native, 108 introduced).

Description: The species in this family are trees, shrubs, herbs or climbers, that are deciduous or evergreen.

For more details regarding the description of species within this family please see:

Pollen Morphology: The pollen produced by this family is rounded triangular in polar view and a flattened oval shape in equatorial view. These grains from most taxa are large in shape (30-50um in polar) and have three furrows. The copli are wide and extended. The surface texture of these grains are reticulate and the cell wall is thin.
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