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DQ Herculis stars original
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Novae original
definition "A type of cataclysmic variable binary star system with a white dwarf and a cool main-sequence secondary star." - Wikipedia
Virtual observatories original
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Observatories original
Astronomy web services original
Observatories original
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Astronomical instrumentation original
Virtual observatories original
Antarctic observatories original
Domes original
Gamma-ray observatories original
Infrared observatories original
Optical observatories original
Radio observatories original
Solar observatories original
Space observatories original
Ultraviolet observatories original
X-ray observatories original
DC stars original
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White dwarf stars original
White dwarf stars original
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Compact objects original
Stellar evolutionary types original
DC stars original
DA stars original
DB stars original
DO stars original
DQ stars original
DZ stars original
ZZ Ceti stars original
Astrophysical processes original
Astrophysical magnetism original
Gravitation original
Nuclear astrophysics original
Relativity original
Observational astronomy original
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Astronomical instrumentation original
Astronomical methods original
Astronomical research original
Astronomical techniques original
Solar physics original
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CNO anomaly original
Helioseismology original
Solar abundances original
Solar activity original
Solar atmosphere original
Solar electromagnetic emission original
Solar evolution original
Solar faculae original
Solar flares original
Solar granulation original
Solar interior original
Solar magnetic fields original
Solar mass original
Solar motion original
Solar oscillations original
Solar particle emission original
Solar radiation original
Solar radius original
Solar rotation original
Solar spectral irradiance original
Solar surface original
Solar wind original
Sunspots original
Solar system astronomy original
Earth-moon system original
Lunar science original
Planetary science original
Solar system original
Stellar astronomy original
Asteroseismology original
Circumstellar matter original
Star clusters original
Stellar physics original
Stellar populations original
Stellar remnants original
Stellar types original